Jochen Paesen


As Photographer and Artist, Jochen has a passion for all things revolving around cars and motorsport. Capturing a moment in time, Jochen’s work emits energy and a love for detailing. Rather than polished, his work shows its subject in its essence and purity without being overworked. Portraying speed and adrenaline in a still image is very satisfying.


Belgian born Jochen spent his youth in several countries. Having lived in Belgium, South Africa, France, England and The Netherlands, he currently resides in Germany. This constant change combined with his love for travel serves as continuous inspiration for his creativity.


Jochen is Interior Design Director for the automotive start-up NEXTEV and prior to this he was Head of Interior Design for BMWi. During his time at BMW he worked as Interior Design Project Leader for the new 7-series (G11/12) and M4GTS. As designer he worked on the 6-series (F12/13) and was the lead designer of the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept (Concept Car of the year 2009) amongst other projects.  Before joining BMW, Jochen worked for Volkswagen where he designed the interior of the Volkswagen Amarok.