With the second 24 Hours of Le Mans ‘Super-season’ World Endurance Championship and the last race of the season just around the corner, it is time to reflect on two races I had the opportunity of photographing during 2018 part of the season.


Shanghai Circuit was built in 2004 to host the Formula 1 Grand Prix and has been used for other international races since. The circuit is instantly recognisable thanks to two distinct architectural highlights, the Lily Pad Grandstand and the main straight buildings.

Continuously changing weather conditions during the World Endurance Championship weekend, brought some challenges but also opportunities with them. The race on Sunday was started under an absolute downpour and the rain did not let off the entire 6 hours. The race was stopped and restarted several times and it was hard to stay dry despite all the rain gear. Unfortunately, one of my cameras did not like the humidity and gave up, never to work again. That is the down side of photographing in extreme weather conditions. On the upside, it is always satisfying to see the results of your hard work after the weekend (and when you are dry again) of which I share a few shots below.