I am not one to sit still and with a few days of holiday left I decided to dive into a photo studio. Generally, I feel comfortable photographing outdoors and in natural light when I am at a race track panning and using fast shutter speeds or focusing on details that I come across spontaneously. Studio work however is very different to this. Always looking to learn I decided to set up indoors and surround myself with a tripod and some artificial lighting to bring my artwork into focus.

It is hard to find an intact industrial area with character and history in Munich as most of those buildings get demolished and replaced by modern apartment complexes. One of my neighbors is a successful photographer and has her studio in one of the few remaining old industrial buildings around town. It oozes character and leaves a lasting impression.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the studio was the magnificent outdoor lighting so I decided to make the most of this and shot several scenes outside (now that is a great way to make the most of studio time!). One of my favorites I shot down an alley filled with graffiti. By chance the graffiti fitted to the colours of some of my artwork and I took advantage of this.

Once indoors I was kindly helped along my way and given the space to experiment. Once the lighting was set up and everything brought into focus I found my rhythm and could enjoy the moment. The studio’s vast room allowed me to setup in different areas and create different scenes without having to head out into the extreme winter weather outside. Studio work is an art for itself and having discovered it I look forward to exploring more in the future.

For me it was an extremely intense experience and one to repeat again as soon as possible. Seeing my work displayed in different surroundings through the lens of my own camera was a great moment and has inspired me to go home and create more artwork.

Interested in buying an artwork print or having a unique piece custom made? Do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for letting me use your studio Sarah.


This is a project that I have been working on for a while now. It came about somewhat by accident when at one point I realized that I had a vast number of photos featuring arrows on race cars. I have always been fascinated by the things that you discover at a second glance, details that racing cars are full of but go unnoticed under their bright liveries.

Arrows. These perform an important task when racing. Some decals are there for safety reasons, while others are simply there to help crew members and marshals.

Endurance racing of 6, 12 or 24 hours requires a lot of teamwork and speed is not only important on track but also in the pit-lane by the crew members, day and night. To avoid losing time trying to open a door during a driver change, while removing a body-panel to repair something or to make an aerodynamic adjustment, these little arrows are there to help during the heat of the moment.

If something does go wrong on-track such as a breakdown or a crash, the track marshals use the information from these arrows and safety decals to break the circuit of the car, help a driver out or tow it to a safe location without having to search for tow hook, door opener, fire extinguisher or master switch on each car.

I often choose to focus on these graphic details when shooting in the pit-lane as I find them very aesthetic in their functional way.

A small selection of ‘Arrow’ prints are available in various sizes in my online shop. If you cannot find what you are looking for feel free to contact me with your wishes and we can find a solution for you. For Stock photography of the ‘Arrow’ collection please visit my 500px page.