My husband and his love for car races

My dearest husband Jochen has been a race enthusiast since he was a small boy and there are even photos existing to prove that. l love looking at one particular picture of him at the age of 5 wearing a BMW T-shirt while he is standing trackside taking in every detail. No wonder that he still loves to attend races and even more photographing them. As soon as there is a new race coming up in one of the racing schedules he is quick to mark it in his diary and see if he can get accreditation in order to capture the action.

So this time it was Le Mans Classic. Just a few weeks after the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which he attends annually, he was preparing to return to France once again. Of course I was not able to stop my dear partner from also attending this event. With all his camera equipment packed and job orders organized he set off for another busy weekend. A weekend of day flowing into night and back into day, loud cars, passionate car enthusiasts and far to few hours of sleep in a race truck.

Seeing him return home with a huge smile on his face and memory cards full with thousands (yes, thousands!!!) of photos however, made me realize that it was worth letting him go on another of his high-octane weekends. Take a look yourself the images were totally worth it...


His Wife