I have been traveling all week and am therefore looking forward to the long weekend ahead. With the 3rd of October being Reunification Day here in Germany, I can finally enjoy three days off.

Rain, Rain, Rain. The weather is not great so I try to invent all sorts of indoor games to keep my daughter entertained and that proves to be quite the challenge! Somehow we manage and I am releaved when it is finally her nap time.

Now it is me-time and what’s better to do than to pick up a book and nestle into my favorite armchair by the large window. In my hands I hold WAFT 3, all about cars, car-culture and car-design written by the lovely Lies and Bart who are the brainchild behind this and several other amazing books. With their unique style and fresh approach they steal your attention with their short stories full of passion.

For those of you who have not yet discovered their fantastic books I urge you to check them out right-away. I had the good fortune of collaborating with Bart for the article ‘The Cool Hunters’ featured in WAFT 3, taking the photos all weekend while Bart concocted one of his brilliant stories.

As I am reading one of their short stories the sun comes out and beats down on me through the window. The power of Waft. And you know it gets even better. I have just ordered the brand spanking new WAFT 4 and can not wait for it to arrive in my postbox.

Be sure to do the same…